The Versatile Schweizer Helicopters for sale on ASH

Are you looking for helicopters for sale? Look no further than the Schweizer Helicopter series available at Helix AV, showcased on  With three stellar examples listed—the 300C, 300CBi, and another 300C— you have a prime opportunity to acquire any of these remarkable aircraft.

A Legacy of Excellence: Schweizer Aircraft

Schweizer Helicopters boasts a rich and illustrious history dating back to the 1950s. It all began when the Hughes Tool Company’s Aircraft Division, later known as Hughes Helicopters, identified a market demand for a low-cost, lightweight two-seat helicopter. This led to the development of the iconic Hughes 269 in 1955, designed primarily for the U.S. Army’s training needs. The Hughes 269, later rebranded as the Hughes 300, quickly gained recognition for its reliability and safety, training over 60,000 Army aviators.

In 1964, Hughes introduced an enhanced version, the three-seat Hughes 269B, which was marketed as the Hughes 300. This model paved the way for further improvements, culminating in the certification of the Hughes 300C in 1970. With a more potent engine and increased rotor diameter, the 300C set new standards for performance and versatility in the light helicopter category.

In 1984, McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes Helicopters, marking a significant chapter in the company’s history. Two years later, Schweizer acquired all rights to the helicopters from McDonnell Douglas, signaling a new era of innovation and growth. Under Schweizer’s stewardship, the legacy of the Hughes helicopters continued to thrive, culminating in their acquisition by Sikorsky Aircraft Company in 2004.

Today, Schweizer Helicopters remains a beacon of excellence in the aerospace industry. Privately owned and operated by individuals with a profound passion for aviation, Schweizer continues to manufacture the timeless, reliable, and safe S300C, S300CBi, and S333 light helicopters in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Schweizer Helicopters For Sale: Performance Redefined

Now, let’s turn our attention to the star of the show—the Schweizer

Schweizer 300CBi: Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Schweizer 300CBi incorporates cutting-edge technology and enhanced safety features. With its responsive handling and stable flight characteristics, the 300CBi offers an unparalleled flying experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a novice aviator, this helicopter inspires confidence with its intuitive controls and smooth operation. This 2007 Schweizer 300CBi not only benefits from being a low time airframe, she is also fitted with the injected Lycoming engine which was overhauled by Nicholson Mclaren only 10 hours ago, the wide panel boasts a Garmin 430 and has a diamond stitched black leather interior, this helicopter is in excellent condition and will be sold with a fresh annual and ARC.

Schweizer 300C G-MARE: Helix AV presents yet another exemplary Schweizer 300C, reaffirming their commitment to offering top-tier aircraft to discerning buyers. With its proven track record and timeless design, this helicopter continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry. This 1988 Schweizer 300C is one of the lowest timed 300’s on the market with less than 1250 hours, the engine has recently been overhauled by Nicholson Mclaren and has less than 20 hours on, so if you’re looking for a training machine or a low cost private helicopters for sale then this will be perfect.

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